How’s Your Logistics Technology Stack?

A Technology Stack is a term describing the combination of software a company uses to run its business. Its meaning has evolved over the past decade – changing from a description of enterprise software running on a company’s own internal network to now including the many specialized SaaS based applications most businesses run today.

A Logistics Technology Stack is any combination of applications that help with each part of the logistics process which can include applications like TMS, WMS, contract management, or RFQ management tools to name a few. But today niche functionality – like surcharge maintenance for ocean shipping – is often the type of technology providing the most value for logistics services providers and shippers.

Combining multiple niche technologies often creates a better solution for companies than a large, single technology platform that does many things – but few of them really well.

Easier, low cost implementations and data interoperability are another key to making the logistics tech stack possible. The easy movement of data between the systems is key to that, thanks the industry trend which is fast moving away from EDI, towards APIs.

Another benefit is that best in class logistics technology is no longer just available to large companies. In the past it took huge IT budgets to buy enterprise solutions that purport to do it all. Even the biggest are seeing the value of plugging in specialized applications into their own stack to add specialized functionality that is inadequate with their existing technology.

A complete technology solution allows a lot of important data that was once isolated to flow through the logistics operation, and entire company. Other data like trace and trace information and inventory are also extremely important to people outside of the logistics function. A connected logistics stack makes is possible for all these important data points to be accessed and used by everyone who needs it.

Every company involved in logistics needs a Logistics Technology Stack – of course each will be unique to their own needs. There really is a technology solution for every logistics problem (and that is what we are all about).



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