4 Ways Logistics Companies Can Develop Buying Personas To Attract New Customers

Marketing for companies in the logistics industry is complex and nuanced. As a result, the buying process for individual prospects will always be unique. Your marketing approach needs to reflect the fact that all buyers are different and the more you can tailor your messaging to align with what your buyers want the more success you will have.

It’s not enough to simply guess who your audience is – you must fully understand who they are and what they want by researching and studying their motivations, desires, and obstacles.

The best way to accomplish this is to develop buyer personas for your customers.

Buyer personas are representations of your ideal target audience based on your market research. In order to successfully understand and appeal to your customer base, developing these buyer personas is essential.

They not only help you determine where to focus your time, energy, and resources, but they also help you create a better experience for your customers – basically, it’s a win-win situation.

While buyer personas are based on real people, they are not stereotypes. They delve deeper into the mindset of your customer and gain insight on their buying decisions.

Using all of these tools or a combination of them is a great place to begin the development of your buyer personas.

Email customer surveys Conducting surveys is one of the best ways to get inside your customer’s head. The key is to ask open-ended questions that are based on their motivations and desires to buy or obstacles when buying.

An example would be: “What made you choose us for handling the shipment.” You’ll get the best results with at least 100 respondents. Make sure your email is short and simple, give an estimate of how long the survey will take, and use a short deadline for completion.

In-person interviews Another great place to start when developing your buyer personas is with your current customers. After working with your business, they can offer a lot of information on their experience and reasoning. Not to mention, these loyal customers may be more willing to take time to participate in an interview.

Pop-up surveys – Adding a pop-up survey to your website is a good tool for discovering why your customer is not completing an actual purchase or signing-up for a newsletter. You can designate these to pop-up at a particular time, such as after exiting a sign-up page.

For example, you could ask the customer: “Why didn’t you book with us today?” and include a list of possible choices. This is quick for the customer to complete and gives insight on how you can make your website better.

Google Analytics – You can discover a lot of information about your audience by using Google Analytics and the search data from your website. This tool shows you the keyword searches that bring visitors to your site, and you can use these keywords to determine the themes and categories that your customers are most interested in. Using these categories, you can begin to come up with personas, or the types of people who may use these search terms.

The information you get will be the basis for developing new customer personas. Use the new found insight to create messaging based on what is most important to your ideal clients.

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