Here’s How to Use Logistics Content to Move Your Prospects Through Their Own Buying Journey

We’ve put together a blueprint for attracting, converting, and keeping customers for your logistics company with content. It’s a simple plan to follow, click the image for the full-size version.

Logistics companies are starting to understand the importance of content as a sales tool. Most, however, struggle with how to effectively use it. They are creating content but not doing so with intent, or in a way that will achieve much of anything.

Our original idea behind this post was to write a step-by-step-guide about why great logistics content is important and how to develop a strategy. But then we had a better idea… we’ll just show you what a good one looks like.

The following is the typical structure, with notes, of a content plan we execute for logistics clients. It can be a template for any company, really. Just keep in mind, it’s something that is best developed through active coordination between sales and marketing.

The good news is once it’s in place it will continue to provide value for a long time with only minor maintenance.

There are seven sections or “Stages” that follow a logical order and are explained in more detail.

IMPORTANT: Pay close attention to the first two columns. Content written ignoring the Prospect’s Perspective as well as Your Perspective (what you need to accomplish) are fatal mistakes most companies constantly make.

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