Logistics Marketers: How to Use Content for Cold Prospecting and Engaging Prospects

We recently released a guide, titled the Sales Content Funnel, for logistics companies demonstrating how to attract, convert, and retain customers by effectively utilizing logistics content as a sales tool. This blog post is the first in a series of seven that will expand on the guide’s individual stages.

In the first stage of sales (we refer to this as Cold Prospecting) your prospect is unaware of your company’s value and unprepared for your sales pitch; therefore, you need to showcase your value and communicate the potential opportunity the prospect is missing.

Consistently releasing blog posts on topics related to the prospect’s daily challenges not only demonstrates your company’s expertise, but also creates a sense of urgency for the prospect to learn more information. Distributing these blog posts through social sharing, email campaigns, and high-quality newsletters will highlight the prospect’s needs and establish how your company can help address those needs.

In Cold Prospecting, you ultimately want to use this content asset to incite the prospect’s interest and push them to make contact in order to ease their newfound fear and confusion. Making contact, however, is only the first step in the buyer’s journey.

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