Logistics Marketers: What Are You Doing to Get Better?

We all have responsibility to ourselves to try to do better in our jobs. It’s how we accomplish bigger and better things. This applies to logistics marketers as much as it does to anyone else.

It’s because of this that we need to recognize that the way logistics prospects buy and the way you should be marketing to them is constantly changing.

Everyone has heard the quote, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”.

This isn’t true anymore. You’ll get less.

Just surviving, much less excelling in your role in marketing takes a constantly new approach. Here’s some ideas to help keep your perspective fresh.

First – be proactive and search out examples of what other logistics companies are doing well. This is easy to do using social media. Even if you are not using LinkedIn or Twitter for your own company’s marketing, use it for yourself. Both are filled with truly helpful information and new ideas.

That said, I am not an advocate of going all in with social media for any logistics company. I think it’s a matter of doing “just enough”. It’s also important to look outside the industry to learn about modern marketing concepts like content marketing.

This next one’s hard because it goes against so much of what most companies feel they should be doing. You need to push your company to get specific about their target market and stop being everything to everyone. Customers need to feel you understand what is unique about their business. This should be reflected in your marketing and the way you sell to customers.

Change for change’s sake is not what I am referring to here. You should also think about what works for you right now. Think about what’s working with an activity like lead generation, and challenge yourself to do it just a little better.

Or, do an analysis of the ROI of all your marketing activities to see where you are getting the best return. Then, reallocate more resources to those things that are working.

This is not all about giving more to your company, it’s about growing your experience and knowledge base in a way that improves your value and skills as a logistics marketer (no matter who you are working for).



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