Logistics Marketers: Why You Shouldn’t Fall Behind on the Basics

A lot of logistics marketing departments don’t schedule the time to focus on the core responsibilities of marketing because they’re preparing for the next big project or trade show. It’s constant firefighting. This means the basic stuff, like maintaining a blog or running regular email campaigns, isn’t getting done. Without consistent and targeted marketing, many marketers won’t get the results they’re aiming to achieve.

Marketing leaders need to better manage their available resources to make sure these key functions aren’t placed on the back burner — don’t be afraid to push leadership at your company to be respectful of this and help too. At the end of the day, there’s still a base line of marketing tasks that need to happen that companies shouldn’t ignore because of other priorities that may seem more important at the moment. Here, we’ll explain why it’s important that your marketing department prioritizes the basics.

Email Campaigns

Marketers should be leveraging email to its fullest potential. Even with all of the new technology today, email is still one of the best tools for effective communication. If you’re looking to create leads or build brand awareness, email campaigns is a must. Emails can also help companies nurture and follow up with prospects as well as provide current customers with important updates or newsletters.

Don’t knock the value of email for critical content distribution. There are many ways marketers can improve how they’re using this resource. One factor you need to consider is your contact list. Reaching out to the wrong people only wastes time you already don’t have, so buying large lists or casting too wide of a net is not the way to meet your marketing goals.

It’s worth it to invest in identifying your ideal prospects by conducting the proper research. You can generate quality content that’s informative and eye-catching, but it won’t matter if you’re not converting the right readers. Marketers should also think about using a CRM to help them with their email campaigns if they aren’t already using one.

If you are already actively using a CRM, you should definitely make sure to clean it up and organize your data to avoid making your job unnecessarily difficult. With well-structured data, you can market with precision to your target audience.

Content Marketing

Another marketing basic logistics marketers need to focus on is content marketing. Marketing strategies in general should center on this resource because prospects tend to base their buying decisions on the content they see.

Establishing a plan that maintains your company’s specific goals is the first step to being able to create urgency for your audience; however, you need to keep in mind how your content aligns with your brand and overall marketing strategy. It should also connect with the current perspective of the prospective, which requires a certain level of empathy.

Whether you’re producing weekly blog posts or quarterly longforms, consistency is crucial. Marketers need content that’s actually visible in order to move people to take action.

It’s Easier to Stand Out Than You Think

The good news is the majority of your competitors are not doing the marketing basics, so showing up through marketing outreach will not only differentiate your company but also lead to potential revenue and better credibility.

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