Supply Chain Logistics Startups and Technology Companies

About two weeks back, Brian Laung Aoaeh put out a request on LinkedIn for names of supply chain logistics startups and I promised to present what I have. … here it is.

There are 400+ companies on the list. Download the file here.

Over the past 5 years I’ve had a routine of keeping notes on all the startups and logistic technology companies I come across. This is the current state of (some of) the information. It’s a work in progress, so if anyone would like to share additional notes or make edits please get in touch. I will maintain an updated list. Understand that it’s not perfect (yet!).

The line between a “startup” and “technology” is not always so clear. Note that I’ve chosen to error on the side of inclusion.

I also have more details that are not included like employees and other product information, but not in a format that’s presentable at the moment.

Please share your thoughts and ideas for how it can be improved and I promise to keep updating the information for everyone.

My email is

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