Use Logistics Content Marketing for Lead Generation

If you have not utilized content marketing as a means to generate leads for your business, you are missing out on a viable source of new business. Good content marketing creates a flow of qualified leads because it provides valuable information to potential customers who are looking for a solutions to their problems.

As a logistics service provider, it is imperative to anticipate your customer’s needs and present solutions to their problems, and the best way to accomplish that is with content marketing.

The Importance of Content Marketing

In order to be useful, content marketing must be innovative and specific to your audience and their place in the logistics industry. This is your chance to show potential buyers how your products and services will work for them.

Effective content will:

  • Help define and understand customers problems

  • Identify actionable solutions to help resolve their problems

  • Educate the prospect on their options

  • Provide the extra push to help sales close deals

  • Grow existing customer relationships

Building a Target Audience

To generate leads that will translate into customers who actually buy, your content marketing plan must be built with the target audience in mind. If you invest time in determining the challenges and issues your customers in the industry face, you will be able to better cater your content to solutions to these challenges.

Promoting your Content

After you have built content that is innovative and specific to your products, you need to ensure it is seen by your target audience. Stimulating demand for your content across multiple channels increases the chances of it being read by potential buyers.

This involves sharing or providing a link on social media platforms several times. You may also want to utilize email, paid advertising, SEO, blogging, and your own website.

At ShipStarter, the content we create is read by thousands of readers each week, which generates strong, qualified leads. Our 20+ years in the logistics industry means we understand your target audience and can help generate content to fit your business.

Contact us today at 717.371.4874 to learn more.

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